1. Participants can use audiovisual facilities.
2. A score will be deducted from participants who talk less than 4 minutes or over 6 minutes.
3. Participants can use the encyclopedia, books, and journals to prepare materials for presenting their lectures. Obviously, citation of resources is neccessary.
4. Opening and closing of the speech is very important in order to involve and attract the attention of the audience.
5. Presentation of the lecture should be counted, clear and loud.
6. Proper use of body language is emphasized given privileges.
7. Use of hints, face-to-face, eye contact, and proper movements will be the strengths of the lecture.
8. The use of different vocabularies is emphasized.
9. Any use of colloquial and informal words will result in a deduction.
10. Participants should write only the structure of the lecture and not all the details for taking notes.

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